WiFi Management

Our Platform

Now you have your super-fast network you need to maintain it, we do this by combining your site hardware with our management and customer onboarding solution. This allows you to monitor and manage hardware and manage onboarding flows for clients and devices anywhere in your network.

The service is packed with features including:

  1. Branded Splash Pages (Guest Hotspot) with Marketing Data Capture
    • Branded pages with customisable logos, images, colours, text, and marketing options including social links.
    • GDPR compliant marketing opt-in with integration into E-mail marketing platforms like Mail Chimp.
    • Data capture including customer surveys with reporting.
    • Multiple signup options including, click-through, register with e-mail/SMS, voucher code and on the spot approval.
    • Bandwidth limiting
    • User data self-management portal
  2. Secure WiFi User Enrolment (802.1x and OpenVPN)
    • Build RADIUS client certificates and user accounts to allow corporate devices to connect securely.
    • Dynamic policy manager, to assign VLANs and traffic shaping rules to end devices.
    • OpenVPN client configuration builder for simple VPN deployment.
  3. IoT management (MAC Auth/PPSK)
    • Centralised MAC auth for IoT devices that do not support WPA2/3-Enterprise or have a screen.
    • Dynamic policy manager, to assign VLANs and traffic shaping rules to end devices.
    • Compatible with Meraki, Aruba, and Ruckus dynamic PSK setups.
  4. Automated Internet Billing
    • For monthly internet service billing with Stripe.comv
    • To securely manage user payments and remain compliant.
    • Perfect for HMOs (See Verticals).
  5. Managed RADIUS AAA
  6. Document library to store information about your install and user guides.


We have quick low-cost WiFi in a box solution for small business that enjoy all the benefits of our service and we provide large scale deployment support with the capability for managing and monitoring thousands of users and devices.


We have a huge range of experience with key hardware vendors and are always happy to take on new ones. Our WiFi management products can also be integrated with these services.

  • Cisco Meraki
  • HPE Aruba
  • CommScope Ruckus
  • Mikrotik *
  • Unifi
  • TP-Link
* We fully integrate and manage Mikrotik devices, and we are always excited to chat about new requirements.

Flexible Design

Our solutions and management platform can fit to your environment and requirements, on prem, on cloud or a mix of both! The components of the system can easily be broken out to scale in any direction.


We offer our platform and our design and engineering service as a complete white label multi-tenant solution to allow you to provide extra value to your clients without the risk and cost. Our software solutions are always available on 30 days terms when needed.

Developer API

Integrate the service with your own with our web API. Documents available online and we can offer bespoke development options.

High performance patient WiFi and building sensor networks to allow monitoring of the healthcare environment for patient care and safety.

  1. Guest WiFi with web filtering to protect vulnerable patients from inappropriate content.
  2. Sensor systems to monitor the environment temperature, humidity and more to make sure the patient environment is comfortable.

Your Sector

We can provide WiFi in just about any environment but here’s a few examples you can explore. Our service can scale to any size of organisation.

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