Your office environment should be secure, a combination of good design and understanding of access requirements will then be enhanced by ensuring access to the network is controlled. Our service and platform does this by providing an onboarding solution that can be used for any size of organisation with any number of offices using on prem or cloud options.

  1. Secure user management with dynamic policy (VLAN and traffic profiles). This ensures corporate devices are known, logged and only have access to the resources they should.
  2. Self-registration: Zero-touch IT. Allows users to self-register for corporate, BYOD or even guest network based on the email domain.
  3. Secure guest WiFi options with bandwidth control and on the spot guest access approval to ensure you know who is using your resources.

Overall, our system helps fill one of the big security holes in corporate networks where network and user credentials are never changed leaving access available even after they leave.

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We can provide WiFi in just about any environment but here’s a few examples you can explore. Our service can scale to any size of organisation.

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