Maintaining good ventilation and air quality is critical to help reduce the spread of viruses like COVID19. It will also help reduce your staff absences by keeping your working environment safer.

Our service covers everything from in room sensors to the network infrastructure needed to manage your air quality alerts. We provide a complete managed LoRaWAN network service and data management and storage. The service can be used for a huge range of other LoRaWAN based sensor products so get in touch if you want to discuss a bespoke project, we would love to hear about it.

Features and Benefits

Track and monitor CO2 levels, Temperature, and Humidity

Alerts you on high and low thresholds so you know when to ventilate (SMS, Email, MSTeams)

Retain your data in our easy-to-use cloud platform

A professional installation with support all the way before, during, and after

No WiFi or fixed connectivity required. 4G connectivity options available

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