What problem does this solve?

Many small businesses and no shortage of larger ones will have unmanaged WiFi and network routers with unpatched security flaws and often long out of date shared passwords or encryption methods like WEP (Wired Equivalent Privacy).

These basic security holes can provide simple access into your network risking exposure of sensitive IP (intellectual property), customer information and for your network to be used for malicious intent or to damage the performance of your network disrupting work flow.

How are Easy WiFi Different?

We provide managed network hardware that is continuously monitored and patched and provide a WPA2-Enterprise based user management system allowing your business to eliminate shared passwords. In addition where this cannot be supported the Easy WiFi platform will log details for every device when it connects to the network to make sure you always have eyes on your users and devices.

Our simple 3 step client on boarding process will allow your IT admin to get a new user online in seconds and allows a user’s access to be revoked without disrupting the service for other users and devices.

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